For places of freedom and light

You can enjoy the experience of far-reaching waters in almost perfect safety with our Polycarbonate and Acrylic glass, because compared to conventional automotive glass, our products are virtually indestructible.

Possible glass fittings for:
Windows, coverings, crates and bulkheads.

Our walk on-glazing make churches, museums and objects within public and private life transparent and brings them to life. Lit from the back, adds an interesting accent or simply gives a clear view on what would otherwise remain hidden.

Possible glass fittings for:
Museums, churches, railway stations, airports, exhibition stands, shopping centers and theatres.

Ease is our strong point

Aircraft glazing is a piece of art where the sky is the limit. Aerospace components must meet varied requirements and test procedures. Our worldwide customers from the aviation sector are acquainted with our vast experience in this area and they appreciate and trust our quality. Our focus is primarily on optical quality and abrasion resistance of the scratch resistant coating, as well as the dimensional stability and tolerances which are strictly monitored.