In a nut shell

The most important advantages of the BSA safety panel technology:

  • BSA security windows are age resistant, this has been proven in many tests.

  • We also produce specific glass which is resistant to burning material (chippings) and also coolants.

  • Our glass sheets comply with the European standards EN 12415, EN 12417 and EN 13218 and meet all the protection requirements.

  • The sheets comply with the recommendations of the VDW. For undamaged glass and protectents, we provides a warranty of 5 years on the safety restraint.

  • Regardless of the amount of coolant or burning debris exposure we ensure maximum safety and absolute transparency.

  • All BSA safety sheets are free of silicone and silicone-containing materials.

Construction and development

Creative solutions to problems and an “eye for safety” are our strengths. The intensive and skilled customer-specific advice and the strong capacity for cooperation are particularly typical of BSA. They are the basis of the outstanding quality we offer through our products and processes.