Machine protection

Our customers in machine protection expect one thing above everything else: Security and resilience. In this industry the highest measures are taken to meet these requirements. Plastics such as Makrolon®, PLEXIGLAS®, Perspex or PET-G are extremely stable and resistant to breakage, and are simultaneously transparent and translucent. This material is therefore ideally suited for machinery protection. We offer our customers tailored solutions for covers, protective layers, break- proof visors or protective doors, enclosures and partitions or back panels for all kinds of machines.

Shopfitting/exhibition construction

In terms of shop and trade construction, functionality and aesthetic are equally as crucial. Our transparent plastics are the perfect answer, because they meet all the criteria needed. We manufacture elegant booths and displays as well as brochure and poster holders. Our customers can enjoy display cases and other goods which support successful production presentation.


Temperature resistance, stability, high light transmittance and an attractive design are essential requirements for the perfect illumination source. That's why we use products made from PLEXIGLAS®, Perspex, acrylic glass and Makrolon® polycarbonate or PET-G in this sector. Our creations are pleasing to both design fanatics and praised for their high functionality. Our product portfolio includes lighting strips, discs, diaphragms made of PLEXIGLAS®, Perspex, and Markolon® and many other designs available to order.

Technical products

We produce individual technical objects and components made of Makrolon®, Perspex, Lexan or polycarbonate, PLEXIGLAS® or acrylic glass or other plastics, for example, SAN, polystyrene or PET-G according to order.

Plastic is more than just a fabric. Its versatility, its high durability and its wide variety of aesthetic possibilities make it an indispensable part of modern industry and the every day life. We understand this and therefore devote ourselves with dedication and expertise across the spectrum of Makrolon and Plexiglas processing. Through our commitment we can provide our customers with quality products and perfect solutions for the industries listed.